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While talking and thinking about interactivity, everything relies on communication. Human – Human conversation is mostly an interactive one as they communicate and share a common language. The dialog conveys a meaning as it is based on a history of exchanged information. Meanwhile, Human – Computer link can be considered an interactive one only if they follow some certain rules. As close the relationship is between Human-Computer and Human-Human as it is close to be an interactive one. There are many examples of cutting edge interactive devices, but it is clearly visible how this field has evolved during the years. Let us take a TV set, how it evolved form being a mechanical one straight into a smart device. Or another interesting example of interactivity which later on appeared to be a fake one and a hoax – the Turk, also known as the Automaton Chess Player. It was a fake chess playing machine made in 18th century. The machine seemed to be able to play a hard game of chess against a human opponent.

Throughout the years magicians were using this machine in their performances, which instantly became a highlight of any show. Undeniably, there is a tough mechanism behind this “trick”, however the machine itself has been invisibly controlled by a human. This makes it one of the close to real Human-Machine interactions of all the time. But as we know, now it is a reality as Google AlphaGo Zero¬†could learn chess algorithms via AI where no humans have gone. So, it starts from an idea of being an interactive one and ends up being a real working prototype. It takes time, though.

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