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I have decided to took the ride Her Long Black Hair by Janet Cardiff, through Central Park on Monday, Sep 10, 6:00pm. I started from Jose Marti statue by following the map. Overall, I have got an amazing experience from the soundwalk. The duration of the walk as well as the location were excellent. I got dived into soundwalk right away. The opening part with orchestra playing F. Sinatra was thrilling as it sort of sets the stage for the whole walk. It seemed too real for me, as for a moment I was trying to find the orchestra by turning and looking around. Then I got surprised realizing it was just an illusion. More specifically – I will call it “sound illusion” instead of soundwalk as the walk makes you listen and feel the not existing melodies and look for hidden patterns. That was something I was not expecting. Likewise, the whole stroll. The narrative and storyline itself was well made and meaningful by involving different stories with strangers. I noticed some weaknesses in mapping and guidance process as it was not clear enough.​ At some point, the audio and reality was so confusing that I was constantly checking the source. I even did not noticed the security guard talking to me, I thought it was in the audio, though it was real. However, the most important thing is that you should be open enough to notice and sense the subtle details, colors and beauty, fill the missing parts, create new flavors and unfold the coincidences.

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