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Hedwig and The Angry Inch is about striving for harmony.

Hedwig and The Angry Inch is an unconventional love story of a girlyboy aiming a balance through a challenging life.

Hedwig was born a boy named Hansel in East Berlin, “a slip of a girlyboy,” who moves to Kansas to follow his love after a failed sex change operation. He had a childhood abuse and a unfortunate marriage to an American soldier as well as hopeless romantic and songwriting partnership with a teen named Tommy. Though, he steals his songs and becomes the rock star Hedwig always dreamed he would be. At the end, heroine accepts the fullness of his identity.

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[ut_custom_heading]Love creates something that was not there before[/ut_custom_heading]

Elinor Fuch’s questions for Hedwig and the Angry Inch

What is space like on this planet? The space is contained with a landscape of valleys and mountains. There is no see and mostly like a country road.

How does time behave on this planet? Time is flying fast, does not stand still, it is frantic at some point, multidimensional . There is not time for leisure. Time is marked by emotions. It is exponential which takes a lifetime. Mood on the planet is uprising but ironic, violent and coarse. It is made through intense rock and roll.

World? It is a private world with sharp individual characters. Figures interact by fighting, less reasoned discussions. Men has power on the planet.

What changes? Noting stays the same. Changes made are permanent. Peoples’ behavior is changing. Heroes are changing. Hedwig is changing.

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