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Here I used servo as indicator for RGB LED light. LED light brightness is controlled by potentiometer.

RGB LED measures 10mm and has 4 leads, one for each color and the common anode. Following are the specifications:

Size: 10mm
Lens Type: Diffused
Polarity: Common Anode (Common Power)

Forward Voltage:
Red: 1.8V – 2.2V
Green: 3V – 3.4V
Blue: 3V – 3.4V

Red: 620nm – 625nm
Green: 515nm – 520nm
Blue: 460nm – 465nm

Red: 200 mcd
Green: 200 mcd
Blue: 450 mcd

Red: 700mA – 800mA
Green: 700mA – 800mA
Blue: 300mA – 400mA