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“365Learn”  is a ritual performed EVERY DAY by individual, where the idea is to NOTE one thing you LEARNED during the day and TYPE it down. This process takes a year – 365 days.

GOAL: A ritual performed by the end of each day which goal is to captivate self-learning, self-discipline, creative exploration, curiosity.

DESIGN AND TOOLS: The performer has to choose the best “electronic” platform for that as there is an act of electronic writing involved. From design perspective, the best tool to perform the ritual is using the Facebook posts platform, but every post must be set as Only Me. Posts with the audience of Only Me will appear in your news feed but not your friends’ feeds and only you are able to see them. So, it is available only to performer. Moreover, every post should be hash-tagged with #365learn. Here the performer is taking an activity out of the everyday flow of habit and routine. It is also considered to be an act of self-fulfillment. The content of learned material can range from very personal to very scientific topics. With the usage of hashtag it is easy to filter all posts and gather all information posted before. Bellow you can see a post I did two days ago:

GETTING SOCIAL: Even though, this particular ritual has been designed as a sole action, another variation of this can be accomplished with a specific group or public. In case of the group, the ritual is conveys collective learning experience. In case of public information sharing, the ritual can have a ripple effect on other people and encourage self-learning exercise.