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Meditation 4
Assignment: Create a psychic “experiment” with your interpretation of an electronic equivalent of Zener Cards. Document your methodology and your results. (What is it possible to be “psychic” about in a digital context?)

Implementation: This project is my interpretation of extrasensory perception séance using color cards and audio. There are 20 prerecorded tones, where each tone is assigned to a particular color. A user is supposed to sense the sound and guess which tone represents the correct color card. After every turn, a new tone is being randomly selected. First, user clicks on PLAY button to hear the tone, then he/she should select the appropriate color card․ There are two counters that keep turns and correct answers. After the test is over user gets the result.

As an addition a custom random function is implemented which is to replace javascript Math.random(), which was used in the first version of the program.

I use user mouse coordinates as a source of random data. After some math operations randInRange() function is called to get an integer number from range [min, max]. Later this value is used in the program to randomly select a tune from the array.

function randInRange(seed, min, max) {
return seed % (max + 1 – min) + min;
document.addEventListener(“mousemove”, function(event){
/* Get mouse corrdinates as a source of random events and perform some math */
mouseX = event.clientX;
mouseY = event.clientY;

totalXY += mouseX + mouseY;
seed = parseInt(((totalXY * totalXY) / 100 ) % 10000) ;

Source code available here:
Try the script here: