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I would like to keep exploring ideas on using AR to create magic tricks. I am really excited to use AR to tell interactive stories. For the next week I am planning to create a Mixed Reality piece where I will not just overlay virtual objects but anchor them to the real world. The piece called a regular day of a magician at a coffeeshop. I would be augmenting a cup of coffee.

I will be using webcam as main camera, them create a storyline, overlay 3D objects, mix and play with virtual and real objects.

  • 3D straw in AR becomes a real straw.
  • A virtual character appears and drinks the milk/coffee the cup.
  • 3D donut in AR becomes a real donut.

Execution plan

  • Write a story of a┬ámagician at a coffeeshop
  • Understand how to leverage the object recognition (object targets? posenet?)
  • Create a virtual *playback* to navigate through the script
  • Perform

Inspirations: Richard Wiseman’s Quirkology videos ( and Zack King’s vines, but he is primarily uses video editing (ex.