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If you live in NYC or have seen a movie or tv show set in NYC, perhaps you have seen large orange and white tubes coming out the sidewalk releasing enormous amounts of billowing white steam? Or a lot of furniture thrown on the streets, ranging from dirty mattresses to new IKEA chairs. Or maybe you’ve noticed steam coming up through manhole covers. All these things got my attention when I first visited the city in 2017. It’s funny when you think of New York iconic images, you think yellow taxis, pizzas, skyscrapers, Times Square’s billboards at night.

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The following AR mobile app lets you experience the fast-paced crazy New York life within your own town. You just walk in the streets, tap on the screen and randomly add objects on the sidewalks, on the roads, everywhere. This way I would let my friends experience the most exciting parts of my trip. The weirdness of New York has never been so close to you.

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