Hayk Mikayelyan in a white shirt standing in front of an immersive artwork
Hayk Mikayelyan

Cyber Illusionist

Hey. I am Hayk Mikayelyan – a creative technologist based in New York. I put care and attention to detail in every experience I craft.

I am a AR/VR/Full Stack developer and digital accessibility analyst. I bring life and color to my ideas through code. I received my Masters from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication’s Program.

I am also a professional illusionist. My magic background sets me apart as a technologist. I spent half of my life practicing and performing the art of making the impossible.

As a magician I have a great understanding of human-centered design and how your mind works. I understand some part of your mind, that you are not aware of – that’s what makes the illusion work. I am practicing how can I use everything I know about magic and psychology of what persuades people to build holistic experiences that trigger all senses.

Things that made me happy this past year